What Our Members Say

My late mum was diagnosed with Cancer and for 3 years, that she managed to sail through, cost of medication was very high. The family finances were heavily drained. I approached MSACCO and was able to get loans to sustain my Mum’s medication till the last minutes. Thanks Tembo for having various affordable products to choose from.

Working with MSACCO, I managed to clear mortgage balance of the current house I am living in currently.


MSACCO has always been at hand to give support for my financial needs in the form of instant and long-term loans. Above all I will ever remember MSACCO for aiding me finish my house when I acquired a loan. I now live comfortably in the house after my retirement.


I joined MSACCO in 2016 with an aim of saving money for myself and my son as a single mother. In 2018 I needed to go back to school and the course which I wanted to do was offered in a different style than the one that was offered in Malawi. After multiple applications in 2017, I applied again in 2018 January and awaited the feedback. In July 2018, I got the news that I have been accepted and I needed to report I September. I never knew how I will handle the travel, fee and living expenses down in Malawi but I told myself I need to do it since opportunity comes ones.

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