Chiombola Loan

Chiombola Loan is the fastest processed loan at MSACCO with a lead time of 24 hours.

This is a one-month salary advance loan which is provided to cater for the Member’s emergency needs. Since this loan is paid at once, the maximum amount to be loaned in K200,000.

Members are allowed to access Chiombola loan alongside other loans subject to payslip capacity.

To calculate how much the loan will charge please Click here and select Chiombola loan; type in the loan amount and type 1 month. The details of the total amount to be repaid will display below


    • Contact your closest branch to check how much loan can be taken depending on your shares and current loans if any or check through Mobile Banking by dialing *327#
    • Fill a Chiombola loan application form and get it approved on salary deduction
    • Provide a pay slip
    • To download application form Click here