Material Loan

Material loan provides funds to acquire agricultural materials, electronics, household and building materials. A Member is allowed to access a material loan alongside other loans subject to shares, deposits and payslip capacity.

Loan maximum amount is K2,000,000 but the loan amount should be 3 times the member’s shares and savings. Repayment period is either 6 months or 12 months with an interest rate of 2.17% monthly or 26% per annum.

This loan type has a loan processing fee of 5% for a maximum of K250,000. To calculate how much the loan will charge please Click here and select Material loan; type in the loan amount and number of months you want the loan to be deducted with a maximum of 12 months. The details of deductions will display below


  • Contact your closest branch to check how much loan can be taken depending on your shares and current loans if any or check through Mobile Banking by dialing *327#
  • Fill a loan application form and get it approved on salary deduction
  • Provide a pay slip
  • Provide a quotation of materials to be bought
  • To download application form click here