Msilikali SACCO donates kidney and liver testing equipment for its own MDF health services

* MDF was incurring huge costs to bring over such equipment from the headquarters in Lilongwe

* They also donated 1,000 Mibawa trees last month to the MDF towards its 2023 tree planting initiative

Msilikali SACCO, the Malawi Defence Force’s Savings and Credit Cooperative, has donated Chemistry Analyser equipment used for kidney and liver testing worth K5.8 million for its own Malawi Military Health Services, to be used to medically assess new recruits.

Speaking to the media after receiving the donation at Malawi Armed Forces College (MAFCO) in Salima on Friday, Chief of Malawi Military Health Services, Brigadier General Dr. Kingsley Magomero said it is important for new military recruits to conduct kidney and liver tests among others.

Dr. Magomero disclosed that when they needed kidney and liver testing services, they were incurring huge costs to bring over the equipment from the headquarters in Lilongwe.

Msilikali SACCO Board member Alinane Simwaka told the media that they thought it wise to assist as this is part of its social corporate responsibility (CSR) to reduce the challenges the institution was facing that included costs.

Another CSR initiative was done by the SACCO last month they donated 1,000 Mibawa trees to the MDF towards its 2023 tree planting initiative to mark the beginning of this years’ planting season.

This is in line with Cooperative Principle # 7 which stipulates that SACCOs should have concern for its community.

Msilikali SACCO was launched on August 22, 2017 to enhance the economic wellbeing of MDF soldiers and to promote saving culture and be able to access loans among the men in uniform.

Legally affiliated to the SACCO governing body, Malawi Union of Savings & Credit Cooperatives (MUSCCO), Msilikali SACCO also incorporate spouses of MDF soldiers.

SACCOs, which are also governed by Registrar of Financial Institutions, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), are assisting economically challenged citizenry and there have been many exemplary testimonies attesting this.



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